Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center Fall 2014


The condom kit and the one hit kit are two speculative objects designed during Wagoner's time volunteering at the Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center.  The kits were designed to reduce the amount of packaging and items that are needed when doing outreach work to at risk communities. Outreach work is usually aimed at groups such as homeless LGBT Youth, sexworkers, intravenous drug users, and the homeless.  This practice of giving them items that will prevent the spread of disease is called Harm Reduction.

For the kits Wagoner developed custom illustrations using hand drawing skills and Adobe Illustrator. The kits are made of coated paper, and included items for safer sex or for injecting drugs.  All of the information about what is included has been applied to the packaging reducing the need for separate pamphlets.  Illustrations help to reduce the language barrier for non-english speaking participants. 

The safer sex kit, is comprised of two premium condoms, and a packet of lube. The simple line on the front illustrates the importance of disclosing one's sexual status before engaging in sex and uses an illustration of a masculine guy to grab the participants attention. The inside graphic alerts the participant to the contents of the box. On the back is the address of the LESHRC where participants can receive counseling, HIV other STI testing.

The one hit kit is comprised of two syringes, a cooker, an alcohol prep pad, an antiseptic wipe, and two bandaids.  The outside text reads "Fuck Safe, Shoot Clean" , a message to the participant to use clean needles and practice safe sex.  Inside the box the user can find a simple illustrated infographic of the contents of the box.  As with the safer sex kit the address and contact information of the LESHRC is on the back.  At the LESHRC participants can enrol in the needle exchange program to return used needles for clean needles, reducing the spread of communicable disease.