HW. STUDIO 2015 - Present (In Development)




HiV- Hi Five (Slang for HIV in the South)

HiV is an app in development thats goal is to establish immediate community for people living with HIV. 

HiV uses GPS to connect individual living with HIV for ten or more years with individuals who have recently been diagnosed with HIV, in a Mentor/Mentee program. Mentors are vetted through a series of onboarding questions. Mentors can then connect with a recently diagnosed individual and provide valuable support and experience based insights to them.

HiV plays upon the technology of apps like Scruff and Grindr to provide accurate gps location. HiV also seeks to reduce stigma by offering a live stream of Positive Guys Daily Lives. Here anyone can see a live stream of guys living with HIV. The stream of Positive Guys Daily Lives is not gps based. The goal of this is to provide positive feedback for the good things in their lives that they choose to share, and to provide community and support for difficult moments. 

The idea for HiV came to Heath when he was in his final semester of graduate school at SVA's Products of Design. While there he was tasked with viewing his thesis through a digital platform. During this time he also had a conversation with a dear friend living with HIV, who said

"Give me a platform where I can disclose my status without fear of shame or stigma"

These words have propelled Heath's work. Currently Heath is seeking funding, development help, or just general advice for HiV. If this project intrigues you and you have to skills to help, please reach out. Heath hopes to pair with a developer and to put together a successful Kickstarter.