In Development 2017

Kis- kA - ya

Kiskeya is an emerging chocolate brand from Haiti created by Krishan Goojha. I was tapped to design all aspects of the brand and its ethos. Kiskeya is comprised of five different bars of chocolate each representing a different region of Haiti. Kiskeya will launch in the fall of 2017 and will sell in the midrange chocolate market



The prints are derived from the painted houses of the different Regions of Haiti.


Quicksand Light was chosen for its quirkyness and artistic letters that match the ethos of Kiskeya. 

Kiskeya Packaging layout for Kris Logos on-06.jpg

Logo and Brand Colors

The logo is derived from the lowercase "k" in the Quicksand Light font. The three shapes that form the K derive their color from the print on the chocolate bar.

Kiskeya Packaging layout for Kris Logos on-05.jpg