Orange Juicer


Fall 2013

IMG_9113 (1).JPG

It all started when...

Heath was required to save all his trash for a week and then redesign the last thing he threw out.

It was an orange juice bottle.



This prompted a study and redesign of the traditional plastic orange juice container over a period of five weeks.  

From the drawings Heath built hand models along with a 3D model.

He used this form to create an advertisement, to better understand how this object might live in the real world.  

Heath then refined his model and created a reverse mold out of laser cut MDF. He used the mold to create a model of the top he wanted for the juicer. The model is created using a vacuum former.

The result is a reusable vacuum formed hand juicer that is the top of a reusable bag filled with enough oranges for two glasses of orange juice.  Product is meant to encourage people to consider where their juice comes from and the impact it has on the world.